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Protect Facebook Privacy

Facebook Account’s Privacy

Sonntag, 09. Februar 2014

How To Increase Your Facebook Account’s Privacy

Von protectfacebookprivacy, 16:37
Facebook has quickly become the world’s largest social network. Along with such rapid expansions have come many new updates that can often be confusing. Sometimes it seems that once you have an account secure and private, Facebook changes their privacy settings and things are exposed once again. Here are a few tips to increase your Facebook account’s privacy.

The first tip is to check what your Facebook account looks like to other users or to the public. This can be done by logging into Facebook and accessing your profile. On your wallpaper will be a gear icon. Click the gear icon in the top right-hand corner. Then click “View As…” and it will give you the option to see what your profile looks to the public. There is also the option to view your Facebook page as a specific person. Just type in a specific name and you’ll see what your profile looks like to him or her. This helps you gauge what information is being shared to your friends and what is being shared with anyone else trying to see your profile.

Another important security tip against Facebook hacking sites like is the option of grouping friends into lists to customize who can see the content on your wall. For example, you can create a group of friends known as family if you want to share more private status updates and photos. This ensures that only certain groups of people see the information that you want. To do this, go to your Facebook profile and select “Friends.” After you click on that box, you can now add friends to different lists. To create a new list, click “Add to another list…” and then “+ New List.” Now, you can share certain content with some friends instead of everyone on your friend list. One great privacy tip is to set a group of people that can see all your future posts. To do this, go to “Privacy” under “Account Settings.” Then select “Who can see my future posts?” If you select “Friends”, only everyone on your friends list will see your future posts. This can also be limited to specific groups as mentioned above.

Another privacy feature that is relatively new to Facebook is the option to review posts before they appear on your timeline. This way, if a friend tags you in a photo or post that you might not want to appear on your timeline, you can keep it hidden. This option is fantastic because it really lets you control what you want to show on your timeline.

If you would like to allow only specific individuals to see a certain post, this can be done as well. When posting a status, change the privacy of that certain status by selecting “Custom” then changing the option “Share this with” from “Friends” to “Specific People or Lists…” Included the name of the friend with whom you would like to share the information. Facebook has added quite a few customization privacy tips that will help keep information secure from certain friends or even the general public.